Unlike traditional braces, our dentists use removable appliances to keep your teeth in their corrected positions or to guide the growth of your jaws to make changes to your facial structure. Furthermore, they are frequently used before fixed appliances are installed or while they are installed.

However, removable appliances should not be used to treat every orthodontic problem. When relying on these appliances, it is important to recognize conditions and factors that will either cause the success or failure of the appliance. Timing is also an important factor that must be considered when deciding if a removable appliance is right for you.

Dr. Hildebrand and Dr. Sanovich urge you to follow the instructions that they give to ensure that your treatment goes as successfully as possible. For example, if a patient removes their appliance too frequently, their teeth, muscles, or jaws could shift back to their original places. It is also extremely important to care for your appliance properly. Our team at Preston Hollow Specialists will gladly instruct you on how to care for your appliance.

If you have any questions about the benefits of a removable appliance in Dallas, Texas, we invite you to contact us today. We are excited to help you have and maintain the functioning, beautiful smile you have always wanted.