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If your teeth have dulled and developed stains from dark foods, beverage or tobacco use, you might be interested in exploring your whitening options. The degree of staining on your teeth and the primary cause will go a long way towards determining which whitening products and procedures will be needed to meet your whitening goals.

Make sure you talk to your dentist before starting any whitening routine. They are trained to help you understand the products and procedures that will best improve your smile and long term oral health.

If you haven’t been satisfied with your results from retail level whitening products, or your teeth are deeply stained you may need your dentist to perform a dental tooth bleaching procedure. The concentration of whitening agents used in the procedure is the most effective way to brighten your smile.

Before starting the procedure, the dentist will apply a special gel or rubber dam to your gums to protect them from the strong whitening agents. Then they will pour a small amount of concentrated bleaching gel into trays that you will hold in your mouth. The duration of treatment will vary depending on how deeply stained your teeth are and your overall whitening goals. The dentist might also use a special ultraviolet light to further brighten your teeth.

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