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In the days of yore the only kind of crown you could wear was the one on your head, and only if you were royalty. In the modern age, you can wear a different kind, a dental crown, and it is just as precious as the one kings used to wear! Today’s crowns are an investment in the function of your tooth and mouth and smile. With the proper care and attention, your crown can last a lifetime. Even though the materials in your crown are not vulnerable to dental decay like your natural teeth, you want to take excellent care of it.

As you eat your favorite food, tiny particles and bacteria in the mouth have the potential to form into harmful plaque if left to flourish. You will want to take the time to brush and floss your teeth at least twice every day to keep this plaque from forming. If left alone, plaque hardens over time into tartar, and this is the culprit which leads to inflammation and gum disease due to tarter around the gum line.

Once your gums are inflamed because of tartar, the gum tissue may eventually pull away from the tooth. When this happens, pockets of gum tissue are exposed and bacteria can then infect the gums around the root of the tooth. If this goes on long enough the bone material which hold the crown in place in the jaw can be lost.

Tartar can also work its way into the microscopic gap which cements the crown to the abutment, thanks to bacteria from tartar at the gum line. This may ultimately cause the abutment teeth to decay and the crown falling out.

Another thing to remember when caring for your dental crown is the color. Made from porcelain-ceramic to mimic the texture and look of your natural tooth enamel, it was designed to blend in with the surrounding teeth. If you use tobacco frequently, or drink a lot of dark beverages, these can stain your teeth over time making them standout from the color and tone of the crown.

Taking excellent care of your crown is the best way to protect your investment in a healthy smile. Be as mindful of your crown as you are with your natural teeth, and you will be rewarded with happy smiles for a long time to come!

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